The Simpsons - the Tracey Ullman Years

I managed to dig this up somewhere on the internet, I forget where. It's an episode for the Ullman years, similar in theory to the "Camp Krusty" one, where Bart discovers the Krusty he paid to see, isn't really Krusty at all!

  • MG 39: Krusty the Clown (1:20) The kids go to see the Krusty show live. They pass a poster showing Krusty surrounded by his show's features: Itchy and Scratchy, The Happy Little Elves, and Chunky the Pig. Bart: "You know, I base my whole life on Krusty's teachings." The show starts; Bart tells Lisa, "No way is that Krusty. Krusty's a real clown; that's just some lumpy ol' dude in a clown suit." Krusty comes over to them: "And what's your name, little boy?" Bart: "I'm Bart Simpson; who the hell are you?" Bart asks him what Krusty's secret motto is; Krusty thinks for a moment, then says, "Instead of feeling sad and blue, keep a Krusty smile on you!" Bart still doesn't believe, so he rips off Krusty's red nose, grabs the microphone, and says, "Kids in T.V. land, you're being duped!" Krusty grabs him by the neck (with the requisite "Why you little...!"); at home, Homer watches and says, "Doh!"

  • the preceding was written by "Sideshow" Mike of the Krusty the Clown Homepage.
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