Itchy And Scratchy - the Tracey Ullman Years

The plots to the two shorts depicted below revolve around Homer repremanding Bart and Lisa about how violent Itchy and Scratchy really are.
  • MG 38: Bart Simpson Show (1:13)

  • The kids are watching Itchy and Scratchy (Scratchy, the cat, is chasing Itchy with an ax; Itchy stops, holds up a picture of a female cat, and puts a stick of dynamite in Scratchy's mouth when his jaw drops. The dynamite explodes, and Scratchy's head bounces on the floor.) when Homer turns off the T.V. because it's too violent. Bart takes the innards out of the set and puts on his own show: "It's the Bart Simpson Show [the announcer is a Binky hand puppet], starring Bart Simpson! Featuring the Bart Simpson Orchestra and the Bart Simpson Dancers! And now, here's the star of our show, Bart Simpson! [Bart's head appears in the T.V.] Thanks, Ed. Funny thing happened on my way to the studio tonight -- I ran over my dad's head on my bike." Homer returns, complaining about the violence. Lisa: "It's stupid, but it's not violent." Then Homer sees the T.V. parts on the floor, and (with a "Why you little...!") dives behind the T.V. Maggie and Lisa watch Bart and Homer strangling each other and applaud.


  • MG 48: T.V. Simpsons (1:17)

  • The kids are watching Itchy and Scratchy again (Scratchy is still chasing Itchy with the ax; Itchy slams a door in his face, he flattens and slides to the floor, and the ax falls with a "thunk"), then Homer comes in and switches over to a bowling tournament. Lisa: "What are we supposed to do?" Homer: "Why don't you go fly a kite? Heh, heh, heh." They do. The kite gets caught on the T.V. antenna and ruins the reception. Homer climbs up on the roof and sends the kids inside to watch and tell him when the T.V. is fixed. Homer: "How is it now?" Lisa: "Still putrid, Dad." As Homer struggles, the kids see snatches of weird T.V. programs. Then Homer loses his balance and falls off the roof. The T.V. shows a clear picture of Scratchy falling and flattening into a pancake. "Perfecto, Homer!"


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