The Happy Little Elves - the Tracey Ullman Years

I managed to dig this up somewhere on the internet, I forget where.. It recounts the short when Bart, Lisa and Maggie are supposed to be going to see the elves movie.

  • MG 37: Scary Movie (1:13)

  • The kids are going to a movies: "The Return of the Happy Little Elves". Lisa asks Bart, "Who's your favorite Happy Little Elf, Bart? Yendor [`Rodney' spelled backwards, for obscure reasons], Bubbles, or Doofy?" Bart: "I can't stand those stupid elves." Lisa: "Gee, Bart, you're just like Gloomy, the self-hating elf." When they get to the theater, Bart buys them tickets for "Revenge of the Space Mutants" instead. In the theater, Bart says (between mouthfuls of popcorn), "Now listen up. We're gonna be seeing some pretty heavy stuff in this movie -- death rays, flying saucers, giant eyeballs. But don't be ashamed; just go with your fear. If need be, I'll hold your hand." The movie starts: a spaceship lands, the door opens, and a creature that looks like Bart with three eyes and tentacles for legs appears. Bart screams; Lisa and Maggie hold his hands.
    the preceding was written by "Sideshow" Mike of the Krusty the Clown Homepage.
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