A Brief Intro to The Happy Little Elves

The Happy Little Elves is a children's show, similar to the Carebears. There are six elves: Yendor, Bubbles, Doofy, Moldy, Gloomy and Chilly. Chilly is always refered to as "the elf that cannot love". Gloomy has been refered to as "the self-hating elf".

Lisa has a HLE lunch box and a picture of the on her bedroom wall. One of the elves is stuffed in Lisa's bookcase. They Happy Little Elves also grace the walls of Maggie's room.

They have made three movies in total: "The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub", "The Happy Little Elves in Tinkly-Winkly Town" and "The Happy Little Elves Meet Fuzzy Snuggleduck". In The Babysitter Bandit, Bart and Lisa are tied up and forced to watch an episode. Lisa is also seen watching them in The Simpsons's first episode.
The reason they are significant to the OKH is these elves got their start on Krusty's show.

the preceding was written by "Sideshow" Mike of the Krusty the Clown Homepage.
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